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Multimedia artist graduated in Visual Arts from Central Saint Martins University of Art and Design, London. Held several exhibitions and participated in residencies, exhibitions of contemporary art and media festivals, including: Multiplicity, Currents Art and Music, Japan DotMov multimedia, Itaú Cultural SP, Area 10 multimedia OFFF Madrid, Scope NY, Paris Fashion Week and museums including: MoMA Shanghai, Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil,Paço Imperial, Itaú Cultural Center, Casa França Brasil, EAV Parque Lage and Centro Cultural Banco do Nordeste. Has her work published in: Frieze, Art H, Pap Magazine, Vogue, O Globo, Shift Japan, Slash Paris, ArtNews, Arcademi, among others.

Gabriela had her first exhibition curated by Guy Brett and David Medalla in London, in 2000. She began her multimedia production in 2004 working in collaboration with sound artists and videographers in performances. From there on she has been carrying out works with the hybridity of media and perceptions of time and processes. Her works are designed in layers that overlap or dilate, mix and separate




Selected Solo shows / Specific Projects


Cortex Wall of Brightness, MoMA, Shanghai

Presence, Dagmar de Pooter Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

MOVE, Laura Marsiaj Arte Contemporanea, Rio de Janeiro

Hanging Blue Installation, Purple Institute, Paris

Purifying Process, DotMov, Soso Gallery, Tokyo


Selected group shows


Retrospective Intrude, MoMA, Shanghai

SCOPE, Southampton, New York

Nova Arte Nova - Centro Cultural do Banco do Brasil, CCBB Rio de Janeiro

Bienal Brazil, Parallel Exhibition, Arquivo Geral, Centro de Artes Hélio Oiticica, Rio de Janeiro

What Surrounds Us, Dagmar de Pooter Gallery, Antwerp




tel: ++ 55 (21) 8181 8365



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links about the Creature Series, produced between 2004 and 2008